"Change Happens Because Of A Caring and Listening Ear"

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We are located one block from Marta and DeKalb County Superior Court/Probation in Downtown Decatur


                                                              Mission Statement

"Venerable Counseling Services, LLC" is committed to providing affordable services and teaching coping skills that will enable an individual to change by having a caring and listening ear.  We believe that learning to manage one's maladaptive expressions of behavior is essential in order to engage in a healthy lifestyle. "

                                        Court Ordered/Just Wanting to Improve Quality of Life

If you have been mandated by the courts for anger management classes, substance abuse classes, parenting classes, or for an anger management or substance abuse evaluation,  or just want to improve your quality of life, please give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Our Approach

Our approach to counseling is to address the unique needs of an individual and help maximize results with a caring and listening ear and by using  variety of approaches. I work with an individual to take advantage of their strengths while overcoming their weaknesses. Even though bad things happen to people that may have a profound impact on his or her life. It is perfectly normal to seek professional help in sorting out the issues that may paralyze his or her mind and stop him or her from moving forward.

One of the approaches that is used to assist an individual in moving forward  is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT addresses an individual's perception of irrational thinking, spontaneous thoughts about situations that influence distressed emotions, behavioral and physiological responses. Individual perceptions are often distorted and dysfunctional when they are distressed. CBT teaches individuals to identify those irrational thoughts and to correct his or her thinking. When an individuals understands how they have the power to control his or her feelings and behavior, they have that "ha-ha" moment.

Another approach that is used to assist an individual in moving forward is Family Systems. This approach allows an individual to understand how family dynamics, how being an emotional unit can contribute to the development of personality, and managing of anxious feelings in an unhealthy way, such as substance use, can lead to dysfunctional behavior. When individuals understand this concept again, they have that "ah ha" moment that can lead to behavioral change and thinking.  








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